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VR2ual Template/Theme

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  • Marketplace: Rarible-Vr2ual
  • Social: github, youtube, twitter


  • Put songs on the blockchain
  • Smart Contract that produces music & nft
  • Decentralized Music Production
  • Decentralized Music Artists
  • Everyone gets the entire collection, Free. NFTs
  • A Virtual NFT Artist - samples and composition - entire collection free
  • Visual, Audio, Text & Data NFTs
  • All music is open source. Music code is shared online.
  • Music is computer generated via code


  • [ ] Speak to Piro about this one

Keep breaking down from the Link Below

Music Ideas:
- Vr2ual Song: Use this :

setup a github project for vr2ual.
upload github collections of sonic pi scripts.
Sonic Pi Tutorial:
Sonic Pi:
Record Loops:
Sounds & Audio:
Hands Free JS.

drum grids
spread function
arrays to make beats

Sonic Pi Tutorials


Awesome Lists to Breakdown

This is a test .. :-)

Upgraded mkdocs, material, and deployed