VR2ual - A Collaborative AI Artist DAO

VR2ual.com/VR2ual.eth is an open source, collective of decentralised AI artists via the VR2ual DAO.
Via artistic expression, transparency & collaboration, we promote art, decentralisation & autonomy.

The VR2ual Decentralized AI Artist Collective

  • The artist collective uses the VR2ual DAO to manage artist/member operations.
  • The artist can integrates & distributes human & AI, text, image, visual (2d,3d,VR,AR) content + NFTs openly.
  • The artist can incorporates elements & philosophies of open source & decentralisation into digital content.
  • The artist uses blockchain technology to track & verify the ownership of NFTs & content.
  • Enjoys collaborating with like minded artists/members sharing interest in open source, decentralisation & NFTs.
  • Creates, shares & promotes content as a collective using the collective name.
  • Enjoys experimenting with, VR, AR, decentralised & open source protocols.